I did it my way… How I became a prop vendor

I start as a prop vendor 4 years ago. Six month before that I fall in love with newborn photography and props.

owner and props disigner of PropsvilleClub

I start as a prop vendor 4 years ago. Six month before that I fall in love with newborn photography and props.

It was love from first sight. I viewed thousands of captures with newborns. In different styles, locations, photo props. And decided to try myself as a prop vendor.

One of my first tiebacks…

Photo made by Vera Duschinskaya


I always loved to sew and knit, to crochet. My granny learned me on how to do all that. We did craft my entire childhood and I loved it very much. We sewed aprons, interior pillows, skirts and even warm coat for me. I also remember a sewed teddy bear. It was so cute.

I loved to knit warm soaks, scarfs and heats. I crocheted napkins, dolls and clothes for them. Handicraft was a part of my everyday life even when I grew up.

So, I decided to start with the headbands. I made such things for my little baby girl. And had an experience.

You know what, I’m proud of my first handmade products. I didn’t even knew newborn photography rules, but I made everything right.

My first baby crown

Photo made by Vera Duschinskaya


My headbands for newborns were tiny and big, neutral and bright. But the most important thing – they all were made with big love and hope. I hoped that it would serve newborn photographers. I hoped it would work for good. And so it was. Till now.

In every piece of my work there is a piece of my soul and light. I’m in love with my work. It’s not a hobby any more. It is my small dearly beloved business.

Now, I made not only headbands for newborn photographers, but a lot of staff. Crowns and tiebacks for newborns, newborn pillows, wraps for moms and newborns, newborn’s bonnets and hats. And, of course, newborn photography props – tiny toys and knitted and sewed animals.

I want to thank all my photographers for support, love and appreciation. Send you back my love to you.

Best wishes, Maria Schi

Photo made by Natasha Sereda

Headband made by me

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