It’s me, Maria


owner and props disigner of PropsvilleClub

Hi! My name is Maria Schi.

Nice to meet you!

Happy to see you on my site!


I made props for newborn photography for 4 years already. And I do love and care about my work, newborns and results of my activities.

I made headbands and halo, tiebacks.

I provide crowns for little princess and headdresses for cowboys and Native Americans.

I vendor wraps, backdrops, blankets.

I sew, knit and felt different toys.

Now, I have enough knowledge, confidence and power to help photographers with their props needs.


But I haven’t always been a prop vendor 🙂

In my previous life, i was a marketing manager and love my work a lot. Yes, can’t believe it either. All that analytics, reports and strategies you know. Omg!


But motherhood changes everything in my life. Newborn props become my obsession😄


I make props for 4 years now and don’t want to even think about all that marketing staff😄🙈🙊

I’m in love with my headbands, knitted toys, layers, laces, backdrops…

And my photographers, of course.


99% of newborn stuff i made by myself. Other 1% – are the items that are made by my good friends prop makers.

All newborn props you can find here are made and shipped from Russia. Because, it’s the place of my origin, place where I and my family lives, works and creates.


My props are already living all over the world – Russia, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Cyprus, Israel, Japan, Greece, Denmark, Australia, Ireland…

This year, i decided to put all my prop on my site for your comfort ❤

Me and my husband Vad – this website developer, prop maker helper, high quality engineer and my loveeee decided to convert our common experience into this web store so that newborn photographers all over the world will have an opportunity to buy my lovelies🤗

We hope you’ll like it as much as we do and have a great shopping experience here!


So, as you know my husband helps me with site, post and inspiration🤗

And my daughter… Just love her to the moon and back😍

Also, we have a cat.

And we are planning for a second… pet😄. My daughty wants a dog so much.


Now, we know each other a little bit better, lol

So, with all my heart, I want to thank all my photographers, moms and admirers so much for attention and love ❤❤❤ for orders, reviews and nice words you write to me

Thank you!❤

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